Handyman Services

We'll help you complete small projects on your property.

Do you need something fixed around the house?

Our day rate handyman service packages allow you to have a skilled technician complete the smaller projects at your property with less hassle and cost than hiring multiple companies. Our skilled personnel can often complete a variety of services with just one technician in one appointment. We pride ourselves on providing friendly, clean, and efficient services and our handyman work is no exception.

Door Installations, Repair, Replacement

Do any of the doors in your home make entry a loud announcement? Let us come take a look and help ensure your door opens and closes with minimal sound.

Appliance Installations, Repair, Replacements

Ready to upgrade your appliances? Great! Do you have the right hardware in your house to make the switch a breeze?

Before you replace it, see if we can’t fix it and get you back up and running.

Tile & Grout Installation, Repair, Replacement

Maybe it’s a new tile backsplash or a new floor? Maybe you need the grout cleaned to look shiny like the tile around it?

Whatever your tile and grout needs – when we finish, it’ll look like new!

Ceiling Fan Installations & Fixes

Don’t install a ceiling fan only to turn it on and it not work…

No matter the space, in central Texas, a ceiling fan can make a world of difference.

Caulking, Sealing, Weatherstripping

After your kids pick and pull at the shower caulking, call the handyman to help you find a solution that doesn’t involve more picked and pulled caulk.

Drywall Installation, Repair, Replacement

Before you paint over that spot on the wall or ceiling, let us make sure there’s not a bigger problem in your home’s future. Drywall repairs are a quick and easy process that will save you $$$ in the future.

Deck Repairs, Staining, Sealing

The summer sun is a wonderful thing, but to some decks, it can leave a lasting and painful impression. We can help you turn that old deck around or look at ways of creating a new design that fits your needs.

Skylight Installation, Repair, Replacement

Add additional natural sunlight into a home with skylights. With some quick and easy maintenance by us, it will look good as new every sunny day in Austin. Which is over 300!

Interior & Exterior Paining

Sometimes a fresh coat of paint is just what a room (or house) needs. You’d be amazed at what a new paint color and refresh can do for a space. A simple and fun way to add color, enhance your furniture, or get ready to sell.

Our attention to detail doesn't waver at Best Austin Handyman Services.

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