Kitchen Remodels

Design your custom kitchen

Kitchen Remodels

We love creating kitchens for our clients because it changes the way they enjoy their home!  Having the kitchen you always wanted is a big deal!

We want to help you think it through step by step. If the budget doesn’t allow you to create your dream kitchen in one shot, don’t compromise. It is possible to do it in phases.

Best Austin Handyman & Remodeling is often consulted by people for updating their kitchen and property companies who use us over and over.

But don’t go it alone! Let us help you walk through the steps that will make your dream a reality! What are your “must-haves”, your “most want’s”, and “could wait for later”?

We’ve created a “TIP SHEET” for you. Look it over a bit and then let us walk you through our “no strings attached” advice session that includes:

  • Design Overview
  • Layout:  the floor plan, the island, and the flow.
  • Infrastructure: framing, subfloor, windows, plumbing, and electrical
  • Cabinets: quality, glides and hinges, and as many cabinets as you can afford
  • Countertops: consider the impact on plumbing and electrical now
  • Flooring: what’s going to work for you
  • New appliances: now or later?
  • Light fixtures: Easy to replace later but are important design elements in your new room
  • Faucet: Upgrade-able but make sure the drill-out holes match the configuration of your future faucet
  • Backsplash: Do you want a scrubbable semigloss or glass mosaic

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